What Does Volunteering Mean

As a volunteer with the NAACP Civic Engagement Program, you will help increase Black voter turnout. You will contact up to 20 infrequent voters in the weeks before the 2020 election.


Starting in October

How Much Time

You choose based on your availability — from a few minutes to a few hours per week

These states have a combined 199 electoral votes. Some are likely to determine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The NAACP will provide the names, phone numbers, and addresses of infrequent Black voters in your community.

As a volunteer, you’ll call and/or text voters on your list and urge them to use their power at the ballot box.

You’ll have access to these resources:

  • Talking points to motivate voters
  • Call center to refer voters to (or to call if you have questions)
  • Tools that make it easy to text your community

You can volunteer on your own or collaborate with other activists.

Find your local NAACP unit here.

Questions about volunteering?

You and the voters you mobilize are particularly crucial to making Black voices heard at the ballot box.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time commitment for volunteers?

    Your time commitment can range from a few minutes to a few hours per week. It depends on your interest and what kind of work you volunteer to do.

    Activity will pick up as Election Day approaches.

  • Is it safe to volunteer during the coronavirus pandemic?

    Yes, we are taking care to ensure that volunteering activities meet CDC guidelines.

    If you’re calling and/or texting voters, you can work safely from your home.

    If you are volunteering outside your home, your training will cover how to help out safely during the pandemic.

  • What tools and resources does the NAACP have for volunteers?

    Visit our volunteer resources page for a training video, a PowerPoint, and more. Depending on your role, we’ll provide other resources, including:

    • Additional training videos or meetings
    • Talking points to motivate voters
    • Online tools that make it easy to call and text your community
    • Call center number to refer voters to (or to call if you have questions)

    You’ll also have:

    • Opportunities to connect with other volunteers and share ideas
    • Support from your local NAACP branch
  • What’s the benefit of signing up now instead of closer to Election Day on November 3?

    We’re planning ahead so we can increase turnout among Black voters as much as possible.

    We can offer training and support to leaders like you in the months leading up to the election.

  • What positive difference can I make by talking to people I don’t know?

    Our voices must be heard. We want everybody in our community to participate in the election and we need your help in leading people to do so.

    By talking with Black voters, you can increase turnout and make our voices heard at the ballot box.

    You will have a lot in common with the voters on your list, including the hope for a better future, for equal economic opportunity, and for a society without racial discrimination.

  • Can I volunteer if I do not identify as Black?

    Yes, you are welcome to volunteer with us.

    Our goal is to increase Black community participation. We welcome everyone’s participation that supports that goal.

  • Where can I go for more information?

    Our volunteer website has additional information.

    We also have a call center at 1-888-984-2510 (Mon – Fri) in case you have questions.

  • Can I volunteer if I’m not a NAACP member?

    Yes, we welcome volunteers who are not currently NAACP members.

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Questions about volunteering?



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